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Three easy ways to improve your website user experience

By on November 18th, 2020

Making sure your website is user friendly and enjoyable is important if you want to leave a good impression with your audience. It seems like an easy enough task but facilitating a good user experience can be a challenge. When it’s done right, your user notices nothing after interacting with your site. When it’s done wrong, they’ll bounce away never to be seen again.

Make it responsive

One detail to consider is not everyone views your site the same way. Some users will be looking at your site on a mobile device, some on a tablet and some on a laptop or desktop. Ensuring your site can be viewed on any screen requires your design can pivot between sizes.

To do this, means your website needs to be responsive. If you’ve ever heard the term “responsive design” this is what it’s referring to. Here’s a quick read on the subject.

Make it fast

Another consideration for your website is its speed. Having a fast website means that it doesn’t take long for content to load and there’s no lag time when a user interacts with it.

I think we can all relate to the scenario where you’ve had to wait for a website page to load after pushing a button. Everyone is different but I bail out after about 3 seconds. Google makes it easy to test your website’s speediness.

Make it simple

If you want your user to do something it should be obvious to them how to do it. The moment you find yourself needing to explain an action to be taken, your user likely won’t take it.

Recently, I helped a client with a Shopify Facebook integration. It wasn’t simple. The process used instructions as a guide. If you’re adding instructions to your user interface, then you’re doing it wrong.

After hours of trying to do it themselves, they hired me. They weren’t happy about it. Making it simple means instructions aren’t required. If you’re curious to learn more about usability, check out Rocket Surgery Made Easy by Steve Krug.