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Three Edmonton social media accounts to follow

By on December 8th, 2020

What are a few of the more interesting social media accounts I’ve come across this year?

Caroline Stokes

Checkout Caroline Stokes for hilarious homages to movies, nature vids and general pop culture. My first encounter with Stokes was an impromptu Instagram video with Bill Murray. Yeah, Bill Murray. It’s hard to believe but, she’s at least as funny, if not funnier than Murray.

Sick Jacket

Also, for anyone wanting to find some vintage fashion and home styles checkout Sick Jacket. Julie the owner makes is it easy to get quality retro goods. Sick Jacket is also on Instagram. Reduce, reuse, recycle and just plain get some cool stuff.

I Heart Edmonton

The third on the list is the Twitter account @iheartedmonton. Talk about civic pride! There’s an abundance of it here. Emil Tiedemann is a photographer and blogger. His Twitter account routinely asks followers to chime-in on topics of all kinds. If you want to see his personal website checkout this link.