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Next.js + Typescript + Tailwind + Storybook configuration

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This is a quick setup for a Storybook project that uses Next.js, Typescript and Tailwind. In your terminal, add next-js and typescript  Change directory Add Tailwind, PostCSS, Autoprefixer Initialize Tailwind and PostCSS  (The “-p” creates a postCSS config file.) Add an “.nvmrc” file to your project Open the file and add your version number of

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Chrome DevTools – The Console

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There’s a bunch of information on Chrome DevTools out there already for sure but as I’m watching a tutorial on Chrome DevTools I realized there’s a few good ideas here that I never knew about before so why not share them? console.log(); The console is a place where developers like me spend a lot of


Radio Buttons, Checkboxes and Accessibility

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Accessibility is one of those areas in web design and development where there’s lots of room for growth. As I’m working on a website that has undergone an accessibility audit, I’m realizing that the radio buttons behave in a way that some might find confusing. Radio buttons allow a user to make a single selection

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Three Edmonton social media accounts to follow

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What are a few of the more interesting social media accounts I’ve come across this year? Caroline Stokes Checkout Caroline Stokes for hilarious homages to movies, nature vids and general pop culture. My first encounter with Stokes was an impromptu Instagram video with Bill Murray. Yeah, Bill Murray. It’s hard to believe but, she’s at


Six resume tactics to get more interviews

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I’ve been on the job hunt in the past. It’s a tough and lonely slog. You send out resume after resume and hear nothing back. Self-doubt creeps in. To top it off, you have a steady stream of people giving you advice like, “have you tried applying at company X? I heard they’re hiring.” Of

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Steak-umm’s Twitter proves real-talk elevates brands

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If you’re like me you’ve probably never heard of Steak-umm’s before today. It’s a processed steak food product. You can buy it in places like Wal-Mart. Although I’ve never tried Steak-umm’s I have come to know it’s Twitter account. It’s unlike any other company-owned Twitter account. The reason being – it’s popular! The man behind

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Improve your website’s design with one line of code

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If you or your company use a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress you’ve probably written a blog post. When writing it you’ve noticed that adding a new paragraph in the WYSIWYG editor is easy. It’s so easy that paragraphs are often added by accident. When this happens a gap appears between text blocks. To

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Three easy ways to improve your website user experience

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Making sure your website is user friendly and enjoyable is important if you want to leave a good impression with your audience. It seems like an easy enough task but facilitating a good user experience can be a challenge. When it’s done right, your user notices nothing after interacting with your site. When it’s done


Four ways to prevent SPAM on your WordPress website

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If you’re like me, your email inbox has a fair share of unwanted email from spammers. Here are four ways you can prevent SPAM from getting into your inbox. Disguise your Email To trick spammers from getting your email off your site, consider changing the symbols in your email to written words. For example, if


How to use your new WordPress site

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So, you’ve just got a WordPress website, now what? If you’re not tech-savvy, it might be a little overwhelming at first. This article will show you a few things: How to login into your website How to make a page How to add navigation How to add content How to log into your website When