Who am I?

I'll try and answer this without getting too deep.

I am currently located in Edmonton, Canada.

I started making websites over 15 years ago. That's when it was acceptable to do layouts with tables (some of you will understand what this means). Now I use WordPress for my backend, Bootstrap for my frontend and HTML5, CSS3, SASS for everything else.

Because I've been doing this for 15 years, I've worked on small and big projects. I've done multi-channel campaigns for GM and Chevrolet at MacLaren McCann – Vancouver. As well, I've done digital design for FutureShop.ca. Not all the work I've done is in my portfolio. This is a small taste.

Besides my 15 years of experience, I studied drawing, painting and printmaking at Emily Carr University. Also, I did a 3D Animation program at Vancouver Film School after which I worked as an animator on a syndicated TV show (I'm on IMDB , so yeah... I'm kind of a big deal). I did a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communications at Royal Roads University. I'm also a member of the Society of Northern Alberta Printmakers because art is in my blood (check out my Instagram).

Who are you?

I work with companies big and small to get them the website they need. Depending on the organization, this requires marketing and branding strategy as well.

My rates are simple. My day rate for small projects is $500. It includes everything. No surprise extra charges for things like email communication. Websites start at $5000.

If you're interested in working with me, shoot me an email below. Here's a gift for you. A scientifically proven tactic, to use in your business communication.

Don't delay. It's December now and my availability is limited.


Starting my business I needed a website and a logo. Darcy has helped me understand what my unique value proposition is and how to communicate that to my customers. The results have been great. My reputation is strong and my client base is increasing.

James McClelland - President, McClelland Media Partners

We wanted our website to be a place where potential customers could find the answers they needed to evaluate us as a service partner. Darcy helped clarify our unique value proposition and ensured our reputation as a reliable, professional and safe service provider was reinforced in the branding. As a result our sales process is more efficient and our visibility in the business community has improved.

Shane Smith - President, Status Energy